Keeping the Arts (KTA) has granted over $165,000 to a variety of K-12 arts education programs in Oregon.

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Oregon’s schools boast some of the most caring and creative teachers anywhere. However, educators, school administration, parents and kids all feel the frustration of an increasingly dwindling budget for arts programs.

Studies clearly show that arts education directly transfers into better assimilation of other academic subjects, increased self-confidence and overall enjoyment of life. But in the past, concerned individuals have not had a way to give to our school districts to ensure that these essential programs remain a part of our schools’ curricula.

Good News for Educators!

To help fill the gap, Keeping the Arts has created the KTA Grant Program. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, KTA makes funds available to educators throughout Oregon to help them turn their vision for specific arts projects into a reality. And because educators have precious little time on their hands, the application process is simple, straightforward and free of bureaucratic red tape.

Making a Difference

Currently, individual KTA grant awards range from $500 – $2,500 per project. Though that may sound small, you might be surprised just how little is needed to help fund art projects that can benefit hundreds of kids – especially in underserved communities, where a bit of help can make all the difference. Just a few types of projects that have been funded in the past (awarded by either Keeping the Beat or Artists for the Arts prior to our merger) include equipment, supplies and/or instructors for:

• Live theatre productions
• Drums for a rhythm class
• A grand piano
• An in-school art museum
• A MIDI keyboard lab
• A weaving project
• School choirs
• A graphic novel study
• Poetry classes
• A social justice mural
• A printmaking class
• An architectural model-building project
• Instruments for a bell choir
• Photography projects
• A community quilting project
• Mosaic tile projects
• Library books/art supplies
• And many others…

Who We Help

KTA considers grant applications from any school in any district across Oregon that serves kids grades K – 12.  Our primary focus is on communities outside of Portland since Portland arts programs have other supplemental sources of financial support.